Logo design project – Permisie website

This logo project was for a permaculture website and forum based in Poland and published in Polish. But that didn’t stop me from designing a set of logos from here in Queensland, Australia!

The brief

The brief was to create a square logo and a web header graphic based around a ‘farming bear’ character, and that wasn’t a ‘teddy’ bear. The client also wished to see a  natural colour palette. Poland was a creative hub for mid-century modern illustration so I wanted to get a mid century feel into the design too. Because the logo was going to be applied across a range of items in the future, a vector-based design was included in the package. This is important if the logo will ever be printed or enlarged beyond screen resolution.

Initial concept sketches – keeping it simple

The initial presentation sketches were black and white using a medium thickness sharpie, traced over my earlier pencil work.

It can be tempting to dive right in to a full colour concept but I think this is a mistake, especially with clients that don’ t have experience working with a designer. It is very easy for clients to get overwhelmed so I like to give them only a couple of choices at a time.

A rough layout is a quick way to get your ideas on paper. Once the concept is approved by the client, THEN it is time to move on to colour scheme choices.

In this case, after seeing the initial sketch, the client asked for a female bear to be added to the web banner design. This was a fairly straightforward process.

Rough layout for Permisie.pl web header
Rough layout for Permisie.pl web header

Digitise the drawing

The next step was to scan my hand-drawn design and convert it to paths in Illustrator using the trace tool.

Final designs – colour and texture options

Again I like to only offer a couple of choices here. This is not because I am lazy but to keep things simple.

As the designer, it is up to ME to hone the design to a final solution. The client does not usually have the expertise to make complex design decisions, that is why they hired me!

I applied basic (flat) colour to the square logo in Illustrator. I then imported the paths to Photoshop to add texture for the web header.

I have a scanned library of my own hand-painted watercolour and pen textures.  Here I combined the illustrator outlines with some scanned watercolour washes that were custom tinted to a natural palette.

Final web header graphic with texture added
Final web header graphic with texture added.

Shipping it

Once the final graphics were approved, I sent the client a full set of files including illustrator vector graphics. Everybody happy? You bet.

Sketch converted to illustrator vector file.
Sketch for square logo converted to illustrator vector file – 2 options.

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